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Monday, December 29, 2008

"experience pearls" ~ Aaron Ryan Gayah

Thank you Aaron. On December 3rd, he dedicated this photo to CC!! That was really sweet and brightened my day. I'm glad that there was not spider to be seen, just the beautiful web. I've never seen anything like this before. It is entitled, "experience pearls," which I love.

Webs are so strong and amazing, but can be quite delicate. I look at this picture and besides just the beauty of it, I think look at all the weight from the water, yet, it does not break. That is kind of how I feel sometimes. I can see and feel the weight of my experiences, yet, I do not break or become destroyed. Eventually, only "experience pearls," will be left. Thank you again Aaron for your thoughtfulness and artistry!!

"experience pearls"

(Hotel Bellavista, Impruneta, Italy)

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