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Monday, October 6, 2008

"Little Girl Lost" ~ Mary G. from Nippercat's Home


I was that little girl
Who was so very lost,
Stuck in an adult world you see
It was me he did accost.

I shouldn't have known these awful things
That were so strange and bad,
So much sadness on my face
But I didn't know how to get mad.

He wanted me to like it
But what was there to like,
It made my stomach turn in knots
I was just a little tyke.

I felt so lost and empty
I kept everything buried inside,
So deep within my memory
My thoughts I had to hide.

You took away my innocence
You took away my soul,
I have to face the nightmares still
My happiness you stole.

My inner self is broken
My mind can't comprehend,
The vulgar ways you touched me
And the message you did send.

So yes I was that little girl
Who was so very lost,
And even in my adult self
My life is what's at cost.

written by Mary G.

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