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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

September 11, 2001 ~ Remember

I can’t believe it’s been 7 years since that day. I know everyone has a different story for that day. I live in Los Angeles, California basin area and the television would wake me up at 5:30 am, but I usually would stay in bed sleeping until 6:30-7:00 am…not a morning person. But, I kept hearing about a plane hitting one of the twin towers and thought if was some fluke accident, but they kept talking about it, so I opened my eyes to see the first tower burning and thought that was a large plan. Was it and accident or terrorism? I just sat watching and then I watched as the second plane hit. At first, I thought, “I didn’t just see what I think I saw.” At the same time, I heard the newsanchor say something similar.

Then, I knew the US was under attack. I quickly went to the restroom where my husband was sitting and was not thinking and asked him, “are you watching the news?” Well, of course, he wasn’t and would have made fun of me, but I had such a serious look on my face. He left for work and I got ready for work. I watched in horror as the first tower completely collapsed and disintegrated. I felt like something had hit my body, felt tremendous grief and knew the it was only a matter of time that the other would do the same. I prayed for and imagined how many lives were in the building and of their loved ones. My heart ached. Then, I quickly grabed a 4 1/2 inch television to take to work. On the way to work, I know exactly where I was on the freeway when the second tower hit. There were rumors about one on the way to Los Angeles international, Disneyland, etc…

I got to work and forgot about my meeting until three days later. We were all there watching my little television on and off throughout the day. I had it on the edge of my desk next to my guest chair, so people stopped by during the day, but no one got work done and rumors were flying. They were trying to figure if they should send us home or not…we left early figuring no one could work anyway.

I hadn’t cried at all, but two days later I went home early because of a tremendous migraine, turned on the television as the American flag was being unfurled on the Petagon and burst into sobs. I had suppressed crying until then. I slept for three hours and felt better. It was eerily quiet with only fighter jets passing occasionally…we live near a National Guard station. Not seeing a plane in the sky anywhere near LAX was surreal as was the whole event. I never realized how much air traffic there was.

People were nicer, more polite, more patient and friendlier even on the freeways. But, within a month’s time it was back to normal. I think, it has changed the world in many ways and not necessarily for the better. Today, I feel much grief. I also, think that I’m on the other side of the country and at that time didn’t know anyone in New York, I can’t image the overwhelming grieving process and trauma that they have endured. My heart and prayers goes out to everyone who was effected, but especially to those who lost someone that day or as a result of it.

Please share your experience or say whatever you need to say regarding that day.


Hopefulsl said...

Hi clueless!
Thanks for sharing that story with all of us. I myself remember i was doing the same thing as you did.
I was a sleep and kept waking up to see the plane hit the twin tower, but i would keep going back to sleep telling myself what a weird movie, they keep showing the same thing over and over.....Thats when i got a call from my Dad telling me to turn on the t.v!!! we are under attack... Of course i told him i already have it on and they keep showing the same thing over and over... Dad proceeds to say Dammit!
Will you wake up and pay attention to whats happening in New York, this is real.....Now my heart is beating real fast, i then woke my husband up to tell him what was going on. That was a very terrible day for all of us, and every year at this time my heart really goes out to those who lost a loved one that day!!!
By the way, i now have you as one of my blogs that i read :) I am very thrilled that you would like to blog with me (((GIGGLES)))....
Please feel free to come to my sight anytime!

Patches said...

that meet me at the stairwell at the end was amazing. Is it okay if I copy and post it elsewhere?

We got up that morning as usual, few hours before work, turned on the tv to a horror unfolding. Transfixed we stood there in the middle of the floor, it was some time before we realize the dog was whining to go out.

Then we heard the report about possibly a plane down in Pa, right in the area where the mother was traveling that day. We spent several frantic hours trying to get ahold of her (she was okay).

We watched in horror as news was talking about terrorists, and buildings falling, and we were thinking in horror of the loss of so many lives. They kept showing this shot of someone falling/jumping out one of the windows, and we were angry and couldn't understand why they didn't get that was a person, someone's relative or loved one.

We still to this day every year when they show it again and again, think of how we are witnessing a recording of thousands of people dying. That is just horrid to keep showing.

Thanks for giving us this chance to share our experiences of that day.

Clueless said...

Oh my gosh, people found this blog!! It is still in work, but it will have mostly my fingerpaints, Wordles, poety, prose, and informational articles or ones that I do not want to post on Clueless.

Stacy, I have been visiting your blog, but I do not always leave messages.

Blessings and hugs,

Patches, I'm glad that you had a place to share and thank you. Of course, you may use "Stairwell" especialy since I do not know the origin. I couldn't stop crying the first time I heard it on a Christian music radio station shortly after 9/11.